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Guide to Cycling Gloves

Types of gloves:

There are a huge range of different bike gloves out there, from full-finger to half-finger, from downhill to xc etc. Here at Bike Glove Store we aim to simplify the difference between types of gloves so you can find the right pair for you. If you are still unsure feel free to email us and we will gladly advise on the best pair of gloves for you.

Mountain Bike:

There are lots of different categories that fall under mountain biking, due to the different types of riding out there. Here are the basics… XC/Cross Country are designed to be as light as possible because you want to stay as cool as possible but still offer finger grazing protection if you do take a tumble. All Mountain/Trail are similar to XC but offer a bit more protection for the tougher terrain and will hold up on the best of trails. Finally Downhill/Freeride offer the most protection for the obvious reasons, whether you are a weekend warrior or full time racer, these gloves will provide the protection you require.

Road Bike:

The most common road bike gloves are the traditional style mitts designed to be cool and comfortable for the longest rides. Available also with gel padding for that extra comfort and protection. We also offer full finger road bike gloves ideal for winter or evening training, when your flying down a road you defiantly want to be able to hold on. 

Motocross Gloves:

Motocross gloves are quite similiar to mountain bike gloves especially in the downhill/freeride glove style. Featuring a bulkier design with particularly more protection the knuckle area for dealing with roost. These gloves will allow you to hang  on to that all important win.

Winter Gloves:

As you could probably guess, designed for the coldest and wettest conditions. These gloves will keep you warm and dry throughout the whole winter.